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Releasomers manufactures baked-on and semi-permanent mold release agents in solvent and water based fomulas for the rubber and composite molding industries.
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Cllick to request a FREE Sample specially formulated for your molding application. When you switch to Releasomers your cost per released part will be lower than any competitive product -- guaranteed ... Plus you get factory direct service, FREE delivery, same day shipping, and a no time limit, money back guarantee.
At Releasomers we're passionate about keeping things from sticking! For more than 60 years we've been formulating and
manufacturing mold release agents for plastics, rubber, foams, waxes and other materials in processes such as
injection, compression, transfer, pour cast, thermoform, rotational, blow, extrusion, and foam molding.

Our highly experienced team of chemists, engineers, and service technicians together offer more than 100 years
formulating and applying mold release agents for virtually every application. Our lean manufacturing
operations produce both water-based and non-ODC solvent-based systems, which give you a
wide range of release properties for your molding applications.

We can also formulate products for your specific molding process and materials, delivery systems, or
packaging preference. Please call or email us today to discuss how we can work together.
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